montage of roof tile cleaning and coating roof tiles with terracotta spray paint Moss Removal From Roof Our roof coatings do not blister, peel or flake away
from the tiles for a minimum of 10 years

Moss Removal From Roof.

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Moss Removal From Roof. in Kent, Surrey, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex and the London Metropolitan Area.

Before you contact us to arrange your free quote for roof cleaning, be sure to open the roof-configurator tab so that when we’re talking with you about stopping the moss reappearing for a guaranteed 10 year period – you’ll have a better understanding of how we do that.

When we’re talking on the phone or on site, ask us as many questions as you like, including the price ( a site visit is actually the best and most accurate way to provide you with your quotation.)

Before you call us, click the links on this page for further information about the different options we can offer you. The information has been produced from our experiences in roof tile restoration since 1995.

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    Clean, Strengthen, Waterproof and Extend the Life of Your Roof Tiles.

    No More Moss, No More Blocked Gutters. Just A Fabulous Looking Roof For A Fraction Of The Cost Of A New One – Without The Upheaval!

    March 2022

    ***UPDATE*** Just recently, we have been getting an increase in roof cleaning enquiries from homeowners who were advised by the surveyor who prepared the report for their house purchase, to have the moss removed from the roof-tiles. ***UPDATE***

    Finally, the surveyors are including this on some of their reports!

    We’ve been advising it since 1995!

    Contact us to arrange a quotation for yourself.

    If you are reading this at home now, step outside and look up at your roof, especially if it’s 20 years old or more.

    What do you see? Moss? Lichen? Algae? Or does it just look tired and filthy dirty?

    Now consider the area of your home that it covers, the job it has to do, all the while being exposed to the unpredictable natural elements that the weather in the UK throws at it!

    No wonder it looks tired!

    For most of us, so long as the guttering and down-pipes are free of debris and the rainwater runs off efficiently, everything roof-wise is deemed to be OK.

    However, should parts of your roof be covered in moss, this moss will hold water during the winter period and overtime during the freeze/thaw cycle, your roof tiles will expand and contract, which can and does lead to concrete roof-tiles cracking and splitting – clay tiles will delaminate.

    You might be able to spot cracks in a driveway or an exterior wall quite easily, but your roof?

    You might need these!

    "Time to get my roof-tiles cleaned. That moss needs removing!"

    The amazed bearded man looking up in binoculars on grey background

    Roof tiles are designed mainly to keep out rain and adverse weather conditions. The vast majority of roof tiles in the UK are concrete that are  extruded from a dry mix. The grit that you’ll find in your guttering is in fact, roof tile erosion.

    This unique treatment technology will make your roof tiles self-cleaning, extremely water repellent, and minimize long-term surface erosion. They are guaranteed for a 10 year period, not to flake, peel or blister. They mechanically bond to the tile surface.

    Our unique protective coatings include a beading performance additive, which is a specially designed component to make them super-hydrophobic. They repel water….

    You can therefore, take a lot of comfort in the knowledge that your  aged concrete roof tiles keeping you dry, will have had their surface re-stabilised and strengthened after the application of our clear or colour-pigmented protective coatings.

    moss on concrete plain roof tiles

    Roofs are no different from any other external surface that protects your home from the elements and they also need protection from the elements if they are to do their job properly.

    This is such a common sight for us…

    hip tiles on a concrete tiled plain roof, showing signs of wear and tear.

    …But, it’s all part of our roof cleaning & repairing process.

    re-bedded hip tiles on a concrete plain tiled roof

    energy savings trust banner
    Before & After detached house. Brown roof tiles.

    We have been protecting and extending the life of roof tiles using airless spray equipment for 25 plus years. Our proven, tried and tested, German manufactured, clear or colour-pigmented protective coatings, will leave your roof looking like a brand new one for a fraction of the cost.

    I liken the application of these outstanding coatings as similar to protecting the bodywork of your car.

    We wash our cars regularly ourselves or we take them to a carwash.

    At some point, we’ll notice that the paintwork is starting to look dull and will then, at some point, either apply the polish and buff it ourselves or again, pay for someone else to do it. Why polish it?

    Well it will certainly look better, rainwater will bead and run off very quickly and bird-droppings or tree sap will no longer begin to “eat away” at your paintwork.

    We do this to something that devalues every time we start it up (in most cases).

    Your home (your castle) over time, just does the opposite!

    I’m really happy that you’re considering roof cleaning and would welcome the opportunity to provide a free quotation for you. If you like and at the same time we can provide a quotation for protecting your now very clean roof (but not protected) from the elements.

    I’m not going to talk “over your head” about the technical specifications and processes of these stunning protective coatings, but know this:

    Once we have cleaned and removed the moss, lichen, and algae from your roof tiles and before the application of either a clear or coloured protective coating, our expert contractor will put a new tip into his spray gun.

    We only use the market-leader for our tips. Graco tips are made out of the highest grade of tungsten carbide, the most abrasive-resistant material used in the manufacturing of airless spray tips.

    All spray tips will wear with normal use. All coatings contain solids that are abrasive — some more than others. Using a worn tip will result in a patchy finish, because when a tip wears, the size of the tip orifice increases and the fan width decreases. This forces more passes to cover the surface leading to an interruption in the optimum delivery pattern.

    Combining the correct Graco spray tip with our gun plays a big role in helping us create the professional finish your roof coating job demands. Not only does the tip determine how much fluid will leave the gun when our contractor pulls the trigger, the spray tip also determines how wide a spray fan the gun will create.

    Our contractor is also watching the tip for any signs of “clogging”

    We only use Graco’s reversible tips. With a reversible tip, he can easily clear tip clogs by simply turning the tip 180 degrees to the clean position and then triggering the sprayer.

    Take a look at the short video below (open up to full screen by clicking the icon on the right-hand side of the control bar) and then go back and click the link I mentioned earlier or click this one, it’ll take you to the same spot.

    "But I just want roof cleaning and nothing else."

    Just cleaning a roof is ok, it will certainly look a lot better. Take a look at the images below.

    But for long term protection and to avoid the expense of cleaning your roof every 3-5 years, you should consider having your roof tiles treated with clear or colour pigmented protective coatings.

    lady in pink jumper and blonde hair, thinking pose

    “A roof restoration carried out by us is probably, above everything else, the single most important home improvement that you will ever have done.

    The practicalities of it are enormous and the aesthetics are astonishing.”


    “Roof tiles are designed mainly to keep out rain and adverse weather conditions. The vast majority of roof tiles in the UK are concrete that are  extruded from a dry mix. The grit that you’ll find in your guttering is in fact, roof tile erosion.

    You can therefore, take a lot of comfort in the knowledge that your  aged concrete roof tiles keeping you dry, will have had their surface re-stabilised and strengthened after the application of our clear or colour-pigmented protective coatings.

    This unique treatment technology will make your roof tiles self-cleaning, extremely water repellent, and minimize long-term surface erosion.
    They are guaranteed for a 10 year period, not to flake, peel or blister. They mechanically bond to the tile surface.

    Our unique protective coatings include a beading performance additive, which is a specially designed component to make them super-hydrophobic. They repel water….

    …and of course, no more of this!”

    10 Little known facts about London:

    1) London is the smallest city in England

    That’s right. The mega-city that most of us know as London is actually called ‘Greater London’, whilst the City of London itself is a small portion of this sprawling metropolis. It has a population of only 9,123 people, making it the smallest in England.

    2)…and it’s technically a forest

    We’ve spoken before about how green the capital is. It’s hard to grasp unless you’ve visited, but the amount of greenery and green space you can enjoy in London is enormous. So much so, in fact, that the density of trees it has per square mile qualifies it as a forest as per the United Nations definition.

    3) Over half of the London Underground runs above ground

    So really it should be called the Overground. Except we already have an Overground. Ah well, I think I’ll stick to calling it ‘the tube’.

    4 ) ‘Big Ben’ isn’t actually called Big Ben

    Tourists from all over the world come to stand on Westminster Bridge and take a selfie next to Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. Unfortunately, not one of them ever leaves with a picture of it. This world-famous landmark is actually named the Elizabeth Tower – Big Ben is the name of the bell that lives inside. So you won’t snap a photo of Big Ben but if you’re lucky you might get to hear it.

    5) Rainy London isn’t very rainy

    The capital is known worldwide for being a rainy city. Except for the fact, that it’s not true at all. London actually sees less rain than Rome, Miami, and Sydney both in terms of volume and number of rainy days.

    6) Most Londoners don’t live in London

    Walk the streets of London and most of the people around you probably won’t be ‘true’ Londoners. The resident population of the city of Greater London is just over 8.5 million people. However, the city gets over 16 million visitors every year – a staggering number!

    7) It has more Indian restaurants than Mumbai

    Even though technically every restaurant in Mumbai is an Indian restaurant, London has so many excellent eateries that it far outweighs its culinary rival. If you want a great curry, you’re better off going to London over India.

    8) Traffic hasn’t improved in one-hundred years

    If, that is, you’re going by speed of movement across the city. Vehicles driving through the city centre average a top speed of 7.4 miles an hour – about the same speed as a horse and cab. Next time you head out on a trip to the London Eye, we suggest you walk it.

    9) You can drive on the right side of the road, which is the wrong side of the road

    Everybody knows that English people drive on the left-hand side of the road. However, there is one street in the UK where visitors can get back to their roots. Savoy Court is a road just off the Strand on which drivers are required by law to drive on the right-hand side of the road.

    10) Roof & Driveway Cleaning London…

    …is the finest roof moss removal and roof cleaning Company in London (and the Home Counties) We’re the friendliest as well, the owner is an East-Ender, the friendliest of all 🙂

    Call us today for your free roof cleaning and moss removal quotation. 

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    Roof Cleaning UK Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Moss, weeds, algae, and lichen have harmful effects on residential and commercial building’s roofs, patios, external walls, driveways and walkways.

    Exterior substrates are always exposed to natural elements like UV rays, rain, frost and snow. This can’t be avoided; a professional restoration by industry specialists using “fit for purpose products” will protect you from costly and unexpected repairs as well as damage to your property.

    Moss and algae grow quickly on wet roofs and can directly or indirectly cause damage to your roof tiles.

    Moss and algae tend to expose buildings’ roofs to water and make it absorb more water with it.

    During the winter period there is a freeze/thaw cycle, the moss present on your roof tiles keeps expanding as it absorbs more water from rain or snow. This can result in cracking and splitting of concrete roof tiles.

    Roofs really help in protecting your home or commercial building from elements and substances that can cause damage to it.

    Any slight sight of moss on your house or commercial building’s roof needs to be eradicated.

    Unless you are a professional roof cleaner in UK yourself, you should never try roof cleaning as a do-it-yourself chore.

    Falls from height account for 28% of all worker deaths in the UK and these are experienced professionals.

    DIY roof cleaning in the UK can be a lot dangerous with a slippery roof and using cleaning equipment for the first time.

    No matter how confident you are in your skills, it is still best to entrust this important job to professional roof cleaners.

    There are a lot of factors to consider before you can determine the cost of roof cleaning in UK.

    Access and safety equipment required?

    The top factor to consider is the condition and size of your roof. If you roof has accumulated a huge buildup of dirt and moss, then how long will it take to remove it and make minor repairs?

    Another factor is the material of your roof tiles as some tiles are a lot more difficult to clean.

    Also your service team will take into account if your roof needs to be power washed or manually cleaned with scrapers.

    The best way to get the actual cost of roof cleaning for your property is to get a free quotation from a roof and driveway cleaning company in the UK. and after-roof cleaning-and-coating

    What We Do?

    More Cleaning & Sealing Applications for Your Home.

    Countless times we were asked by our customers if we could make their faded and tired looking walls, patios and driveways look as good as their roof! After a lot of research into surface protection for trafficable areas, we added this service to our portfolio, as well as a lot of specialist equipment!


    Exterior Wall Coating

    This is an exterior coating system – not a paint job
    Treat your exterior walls to an hydrophobic (breathable), resin-based coating (clear or colour pigmented) and forget about having to paint them again for at least 20 years – and that’s guaranteed.

    Before this extremely durable, damp and mould resistant coating is applied – your walls are thoroughly checked for defects. These might include cracks of course as well as “hollow render”. They are expertly repaired.

    Power washing follows and then a powerful but environmentally friendly biocide is spray applied.

    Preparation is key and certain substrates will then have a cement primer applied to their surface.The primer works as a bonding agent between the concrete and the coatings, creating a mechanical adhesion between both surfaces. The primer soaks into the cement, protecting it from damage over time.

    Irrespective of their construction, all wall types will then get a primer coat applied.

    Finally the coatings are spray applied in the colour of your choice in either a smooth, fine, medium or coarse textured finish.

    man using airless spray unit, spraying a liquid onto a wall

    Our bespoke coatings are loaded with high quality pigments and together with the binders and solvents, will keep your home looking good for decades.They are formulated to stop degradation caused by the elements and will prevent cracks, flaky paint, damp penetration and mould. Our exterior wall coating system will protect your home from the harsh and unpredictable elements that our weather in the UK throws at us!

    Imprinted Concrete:

    Our teams are supplied with all the materials they need to carry out the professional restoration of any imprinted concrete surface. Cleaning, sealing and restoring the original colour.

    Any cracks that need repairing are filled in with a crack repair compound.

    This is a cement and mortar mix with a colour hardener to ensure any large crack in the surface of imprinted concrete is filled and less visible than before.

    Our imprinted concrete sealer comes in three finishes; gloss, silk and matt.

    If required, we can also mix an anti-slip additive in with the concrete sealer to make the surface less slippery once sealed.

    You can discuss any preferred ‘finish’ with one of our surveyors.

    before and after of an imprinted bock driveway, pressure cleaned, before and after

    “With the exception of Imprinted concrete, block paving is the most popular choice in the UK as a surface for driveways, patios and paths.The commercial sector use it extensively as well.”

    Patio Cleaning & Sealing:

    Block Paving Cleaning & Sealing

    Driveway Cleaning & Sealing

    Our proven, tried and tested process for restoring your patio or driveway back to its former glory is as follows:

    1. We apply a pre-treatment which enables our specialist cleaning machines to effortlessly remove the dirt, grime, tyre marks and other detritus that has built up over time.
    2. The remaining muck and weeds that sit in the joints are removed manually with the correct tools.

    3. We come back after a few days now that the treated area is thoroughly dry. If you have asked us to re-colour your block paving then we will apply the coating either by roller or airless spray equipment. This  will impregnate the surface of the blocks. Not too dissimilar to our wall-coating products with its high content of liquid pigments, combined with high quality acrylic resins, it will seal and protect your pavers..

    4. Kiln-dried sand is swept liberally over the blocks, ensuring joints are filled to the top, taking care  that there isn’t any sand left on the surface.

    5. Once dry a second coat of clear protective sealer is applied either by a  sprayer or roller. This additional surface coating will  not only protect the blocks for longer, but will also set the kiln dried sand in the joints rock solid, which will provide your patio or driveway with extra strength and stability, and at the same time, helping to reduce future maintenance and providing protection from weeds.


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    This saves us considerable marketing costs and therefore we are more than happy to discount the first job in a road!​

    Our 25% Discount If You Are Our First Job In Your Road – applies to the entire range of our services – your external walls, driveway and patio as well!

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