The Original Roof Tile Restoration Company in the UK

Things have changed since we pioneered roof tile cleaning in Kent in 1995.

Back then and for us, still to this day, after we cleaned the moss from the roof tiles and made repairs where necessary, we would then spray your roof tiles with a clear of coloured protective and weatherproofing sealant, a permeable roof tile sealant, one that breathes.

Most of the companies that offer roof tile cleaning services today, offer just that – roof cleaning.
​Unlike many other companies in the roof cleaning industry, we have completely devoted our professional careers to providing incredible results for our roof and driveway cleaning and sealing services.
Over the years, it’s been interesting to note that apart from the practical reasons as to why this important work is carried out – hundreds of homeowners view our services as giving their property a transformational facelift and some real “kerb appeal!”

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Why Choose Us ?

We generally attract more work from the local neighbourhood while we are working on a property, such is the difference it makes.

All of our free quotations are fixed-price; therefore, there aren’t any nasty surprises along the way!

There is no substitute for knowledge and experience, and we have plenty of both!

We offer you the following:

  • Our no-obligation, free quote facility.
  • Our reliable on-site consultation.
  • Our commitment to only using environmentally friendly products.
  • Our highly trained and experienced staff.
  • Our affordable prices.
  • Our efficient cleaning & spraying equipment.
  • Our high-quality cleaning solutions.
  • Our ability to work within promised deadlines.
  • Our knack for building strong customer relations.

Meet Our Managing Director

Background / Experience

  • Spent three years (1992 to 1994) working with a company in Sydney, Australia that cleans and applies specialist protective coatings
  • Returned to UK in 1995 to start a roof restoration business, mirroring the exact same processes but reformulated the coatings for UK climate
  • Worked in every single department of the company from marketing to the completed works
  • Has 25 years experience in the roof cleaning and protection business

What do you love about what you do?

Meeting our customer’s expectations, The ability to create a happy work environment.

What’s the best part of your job?

Knowing at the end of the week, that we have all done the absolute best that we were able too. More importantly, we have kept the wheels of industry turning as each order keeps us in business as well as our manufacturers and their staff.

Tell us a good news story about one of your clients?

I remember a lady, some 20 years ago, who wanted to place an order but affordability was a problem at the time. However, right at that moment she decided to give up smoking and use the savings to fund her purchase. She has not smoked to this day.

What are your goals?

To grow the business nationally. Whether that is as a single entity or via the franchising route has yet to be decided. Creating career, business and employment opportunities for others, is who I am and it’s what I do best.

Personal work philosophy?

“Make something happen” is my daily mantra! Always be sincere, genuine, open and honest. Keep things simple.

What makes your business different? Why should people choose YOU?

Cleaning, repairing and applying protective coatings, with powerful and expensive commercial equipment, working on rooftops, is not easy and it’s very dangerous! We have that down to a tee now.

Our protective coatings are designed to extend the lives of roof tiles, they are not to found “off the shelf” They have been scientifically designed and are deemed “fit for purpose”.

A roof restoration carried out by us is probably, above everything else, the single most important home Improvement that you will ever have done. The practicalities of it are enormous and the aesthetics are astonishing.

FAQs About Roof and Driveway Cleaning Ltd

Our headquarters is located at Kingfisher CI, Margate CT9 5LU, United Kingdom.
But we are able to provide roof cleaning services in Kent, London, Milton Keynes, Surrey, and Berkshire.

We use environmentally friendly water-based acrylic products that are resistant to moss and algae, allows excellent adhesion to concrete roof tile, water vapour permeable, and flexible and heat resistant.

While roof tile restoration remains our number one business in terms of volume, we have also offer the following services:

  • driveway cleaning & sealing
  • patio cleaning & sealing
  • external wall cleaning & sealing
  • block paving cleaning and sealing
  • imprinted concrete cleaning & sealing

There are a lot of factors to consider before you can determine the cost of roof cleaning in UK.

Access and safety equipment required?

The top factor to consider is the condition and size of your roof. If your roof has accumulated a huge buildup of dirt and moss, then how long will it take to remove it and make minor repairs?

Another factor is the material of your roof tiles as some tiles are a lot more difficult to clean.

Also your service team will take into account if your roof needs to be power washed or manually cleaned with scrapers.

The best way to get the actual cost of roof cleaning for your property is to get a free quotation from a roof and driveway cleaning company in the UK.