Looking for professional roof cleaning & coating in Berkshire?

Let’s restore the beauty of your roof tiles! Roof & Driveway Cleaning UK can help you get rid of moss on your roof, and protect them for years to come.

Quality Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal Service

The Royal County of Berkshire is one the loveliest regions to reside in England with its scenic views, rich history, and temperate climate. 

However, the warm, wet summers and cool, wet winters in Berkshire makes it easy for moss, algae, lichens and other unwanted vegetation to spread fast along rooftops as well as external walls. 

Fast Roof Moss Removal Berkshire

While some people consider moss as not harmless or even adds to the mystic appeal of a Berkshire home, the reality is that these tiny yet invasive plants can cause gradual wear and tear. 

Roof and Driveway Cleaning UK can help you get rid of moss on your roof, and protect them for years to come. 

Our service teams are ready 24/7 to respond to your query regarding roof moss cleaning in Berkshire. 

Your roof will look immaculate for a minimum of 10 years

Guaranteed 10 Years Protection

For 25 years, our teams have been cleaning roofs in Berkshire, which means that we can safely say that a roof that is just cleaned will have to be cleaned again some 3-5  years later!

Moss from the tiles will find its way into your gutters and downpipes fairly quickly. Moss is a major cause of blocked gutters and downpipes, which can lead to an ingress of water into your home. 

To ensure the longevity of your roof, we have formulated a special protective coating that we apply after cleaning your roof tiles and getting rid of moss and algae. 

After our work is done, your roof will look immaculate for a minimum of 10 years. 

The roof-tile coatings that we use have been scientifically designed and have powerful moss inhibitors blended into them.

Not only can you change the look of your home by choosing one of the many colour pigmented coatings available, you’ll also enjoy moss and grit free guttering and down-pipes as the rainwater will “bead” and run off into your clean and  free-flowing guttering!

More Services for Your Home in Berkshire

We started in 1995 as a roof cleaning company. But over the years, our teams have expanded our services and are now fully capable of offering the following cleaning services for commercial and residential properties in Berkshire:
  • driveway cleaning & sealing
  • patio cleaning & sealing
  • external wall cleaning & sealing
  • block paving cleaning and sealing
  • imprinted concrete cleaning & sealing

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Roof Cleaning Berkshire Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When people hear “roof cleaning”, they think it should be cheap like carpet cleaning or office/house cleaning.  

Think about it.  

Does a carpet cleaner spend hours at your house sweating his butt off and getting sunburned risking his life every time he steps onto a ladder?  No.  

Does a carpet cleaner run the possibility of paralysis or death by simply doing his job?  No.  

Does a carpet cleaner spend thousands of pounds on equipment and chemicals for every single job?  No.  

Can a carpet cleaner offer you a guarantee that the treated surface will stay clean for years to come?  No.  

There’s so much more that goes into professional roof cleaning than for any other kind of residential cleaning service that it’s really not even fair to put them into the same category. 

As a matter of fact, most roof cleaning companies come in too low with their prices when you consider all the variables involved in working at heights.  

And when you consider that it not only makes your home more beautiful but also extends the life of your expensive roof by a number of years I think that having a roof cleaned is one of the smartest and most cost-effective things that a homeowner could possibly do to protect what is very often, their biggest biggest asset.

There’s nothing easy or quick about roof cleaning.  In fact, if you approach it with a cavalier attitude you run a good chance of injuring yourself.  

If you want to have any chance of cleaning your roof safely and effectively then you need to set out a clear plan of attack, have safety procedures in place, and, above all, take your time.  Rushing through a roof cleaning only leads to trouble. 

Unless you’re one of these guys that absolutely has to do every home improvement job on his own I would highly recommend that you just find a qualified, pressure roof cleaning company in your area.  

Either you can hire somebody who has the equipment and experience to clean your roof in a few hours or you can spend an entire weekend doing it yourself and risking your life.  Your choice.

Just because you can’t see algae stains on certain parts of the roof doesn’t mean that it’s not already there and beginning to develop.  

Keep in mind that in its early stages roof algae is completely invisible to the naked eye.  It’s not until the more advanced stages that it actually turns black or yellow and becomes visible.  

So if you can see algae on even one section of your roof that means that it’s probably already taking hold on your entire roof.  

I always try to explain this to my customers but occasionally I still get people who don’t believe it and demand that I only do a spot-clean to remove visible stains. 

I reluctantly oblige their demands but am never surprised when I drive by a year later to see the untreated areas now completely covered in black and yellow algae! 

Then they usually call me back with the standard, “You were right.  Can you please come back and clean the whole roof as you originally recommended?”

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