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Let’s not let them down, click through the presentation below, take a look at how we do our work – step by step and then contact us for a free and fixed price quotation.


Click the frames below and watch, step by step, how we clean the moss, algae and lichen from your roof tiles, make repairs where necessary and then apply a fungicidal wash.

You’ll also see how we apply the clear or coloured protective coatings if you’re looking to banish the moss, lichen and algae from your clean roof tiles for a guaranteed 10 years and transform your home’s appearance.

Before you contact us to arrange your free quote for roof cleaning, be sure to open the roof-configurator tab so that when we’re talking with you about stopping the moss reappearing for a guaranteed 10 year period – you’ll have a better understanding of how we do that.

Free roof cleaning quotation

    Roof and Driveway Cleaning UK is the specialist roof cleaning Company when it comes to cleaning and protecting your roof tiles. For over 25 years we have been extending the life of roof tiles by cost effectively removing the moss, lichen and algae that is slowly causing roof tile erosion. We offer a protective clear or coloured coating as an option. This will prevent the regrowth of moss on the roof tiles for a 10 year period – guaranteed.

    I Had No Idea That I Can Re-Colour My Roof-Tiles After They’ve Been Cleaned!

    Removing moss from guttering. Latitude 52.3, Longitude-0.0667

    Click Here To See The Most Popular Colours.

    We have been roof tile cleaning in Buckinghamshire and Cambridgeshire since 1995. We cover the entire Counties as shown in the maps below. So, when it comes to roof tile cleaning and roof moss removal in Bucks and Cambs, we’ve got you covered!

    Remove The Moss & Algae From Your Roof Tiles & Extend Their Life.

    Roof Moss Removal In  Buckinghamshire & Cambridgeshire.

    March 2022

    ***UPDATE*** Just recently, we have been getting an increase in roof cleaning enquiries from homeowners who were advised by the surveyor who prepared the report for their house purchase, to have the moss removed from the roof-tiles. ***UPDATE***

    Finally, the surveyors are including this on some of their reports!

    We’ve been advising it since 1995!

    Contact us to arrange a quotation for yourself.

    Roof tiles are always exposed to natural elements like rain, frost and snow. The job of roof tiles is to keep everything beneath them dry and at the same time, prevent unnecessary and expensive repairs to your property.  

    Roof and Driveway Cleaning UK are these two Counties specialists when it comes to cleaning and protecting your roof tiles – preventing them from cracking or delamination, thus, preventing further unexpected expenditure for you. 

    Our local surveyors carry out FREE roof surveys and quotations and are happy to answer your questions regarding roof cleaning and moss removal in Bucks and Cambs. 


    Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal Peterborough


    For you to maintain your roof in its best condition possible and prevent its quality from deteriorating, you need to wash it regularly and preferably, hire professionals. We have been in the roof cleaning and moss removal business for several years and over that period, we came to understand how moss grows, the damages it may cause, areas of attack and the measures to take to reduce growth in future. We have a variety of services you may need to ensure your property stays presentable and free from moss. They include:


    Roof Cleaning Peterborough


    Roof cleaning is an important aspect of maintaining the quality and durability of your roof. Therefore, it should not be considered as an optional activity as this might deteriorate your roof to a state of disrepair without your knowledge. Other than ruining the general aesthetics and appearance of your roof, it also has negative implications on the durability of your roof. When we clean your roof, we will be able to spot any blemished area on the roof and fix it before it becomes a major problem in the future. Our company is packed with experts who are equipped with the best equipment to deal with any roof cleaning needs you require now and in the future. We have the best tips and tricks in the industry to guarantee high-quality results to our valued customers.


    Roof Moss Removal Peterborough


    Removal of moss from your roof is very crucial and we have the bragging rights of doing it properly and in the most effective way possible. It begins with careful inspection of the affected areas, protection of sensitive seams and any fragile spots on the roof. We even hand scrub the sensitive areas if necessary and we use environmentally friendly solutions that will be gentle but effective in moss removal. We also perform an inspection after the cleaning process to ensure no chance is left to promote the regrowth of moss on your roof.


    Roof Coating Peterborough


    This service has broad utility advantages, from preventing leaks to helping your roof handle the heavy rains, sun exposure, wind, rot and so much more. It ensures your roof is protected against any elemental forces that are common in the UK. We have an experienced team that is naturally accustomed to the job, meaning that you will not have to wait for a long time to have your roof completely coated. We offer a range of different roof coatings that cater to multiple roof materials and structures. We use a roof configurator to determine the best coating suited for your roof and protect it for a long period. It allows you to see your roof setup with multiple colours, materials and designs without actually applying them. This will help you to have peace of mind in making an informed decision that you will not regret later on.


    Patio Cleaning Peterborough


    Patios should provide a safe and tranquil space for you and your family to spend time in. Dirt, moss and leaf mulch spoil the appearance of the patio when they do not get the attention they need for a long time. No matter the size of the patio or the material used in building it, we have the equipment and expertise to effectively clean and restore it to stand out with the beauty it was designed to portray. It is a good idea to regularly deep clean your patio and to find a way of preventing it from soaking in rain throughout as this will create suitable conditions for moss growth and buildup.


    Driveway Cleaning Peterborough


    The driveway leads visitors into your home and creating a good first impression is sometimes critical. However, due to the exposure to the weather elements, there may be debris and moss buildup on the driveways which may be an ugly scene for your visitors. We at Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal Peterborough offer the services to clean your driveways and restore them to their most desirable condition. Regardless of the size of the driveway and whether it is concrete, asphalt or any other type of material, we can effectively deal with the hard to remove stains and debris with our tested equipment and solutions.


    Wall Coating Peterborough


    Your roof is not the only part of your house exposed to the elements and prone to harsh weather issues like moisture seepage. The exterior walls undergo such problems if they are not properly coated and protected against the elements. We carry out exterior wall cleaning first and ensure they have no defects then proceed with the application of wall coating. We have different solutions to cater to different types of materials used in building exterior walls. Our high-grade exterior wall coatings protect your walls from the elements and reinforce the protective quality of your house by preventing abrasion.


    About Us


    We at Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal Peterborough give our clients’ concerns and demands priority. We are dedicated to ensuring you get the best quality services from us since we have years of experience and our team is highly trained to deliver amazing results. We guarantee customer satisfaction and adherence to their demands. Reach out to Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal Peterborough in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire for your commercial and residential service needs.

    You can count on our company to take care of your property and prevent it from further damage from the moss which does not look good and interferes with the general aesthetics of your property. Our work is of the highest quality and after we are done cleaning the surfaces, we will add extra layers of protection to ensure its durability. We are also available for regular maintenance of your roof and other property surfaces that may have the growth of moss. We get rid of them and put measures in place to prevent future growth in the area.


    Roof Cleaning Peterborough


    Like any part of your house, Roofs are vital and they are exposed to the elements; hence, they require occasional maintenance to ensure they are kept in good shape. Accumulation of dirt, moss or algae can cause grave damage to your roof and your house in general. Such problems can cause your roof to start leaking, dampen it compromise its life expectancy.


    Benefits of Cleaning Your Roof


    1. Restores your roof and prevents further damage hence saving on repairs that can be rather expensive.
    2. Removes any growth that can cause water damage and rot to your roof.
    3. Prolongs the life of your roof by removing any dirt that may eat away the roof.
    4. The value of your house depends on the state of its roof, and roof cleaning can enhance a house’s worth.
    5. Roof cleaning makes the roof look attractive hence creating a positive impression on visitors.
    6. It eliminates any leaks on the roof, making it even more useful.


    Roof Cleaning Methods


    Soft Washing


    This cleaning technique entails manually scraping out dirt from the roof using a telescopic brush or water-fed poles. It is especially advantageous compared to other methods because it does not threaten your roof’s structural integrity hence safer.

    The moss is first extracted from the roof. Then a cleaning solution is applied and left to soak for around one hour, then rinsed with clean water. The solution will eliminate mosses and algae growths gradually.


    Low-Pressure Cleaning


    This method is relatively cheap and straightforward. It starts with blocking off all guttering downpipes to prevent blockage. The roof is then rinsed down with low pressure to remove the moss and algae growth. A cleaning solution can be used when necessary. It restores the original outlook of the tiles and kills any growth on the roof instantly.

    Finally, the roof is adequately rinsed, and biocide can kill the spores and roots to prevent them from growing back. This technique’s final step is a complete clean down of the gutters and dirt overspray to look a glittering look.


    Scraping and Treating


    This method employs the use of biocide to kill the moss and any growths on the roof. First, the roof is inspected to help determine the most appropriate intervention. We use either a roofing ladder or cherry picker to access the roof. The biocide has to be applied around 5-10 days beforehand to make the moss removal easier and minimize the chances of damaging the roof.

    On the day of roof cleaning, we can use a cat ladder and work from the roof if it’s in good condition. Alternatively, we can work from a scaffold tower if necessary. We have to ensure that we have to lay down a mat to gather the falling dirt before unblocking all gutter pipes. After removal of the growth, we will clean all gutters. Then, apply a final coat of biocide to kill any roots that might have been left.


    Roof Moss Removal Peterborough


    The roof is not any lesser than other parts of the house. It protects the home from the elements and ensures your valuables are safe. In doing this, the roof gets a little messed up. There are wear and tear, and the stock protective layer wears off and the tiles become more porous.

    When the roof absorbs water, this creates moist conditions which encourage the growth of moss. The moss gradually spreads, covering most of the house and even blocking the gutters and drainpipes. The roof plays a significant role in improving the house’s aesthetics. A beautiful top is a lovely house. Our moss removal services will revitalize that roof and give it that brand new look it badly needs.


    Benefits of Moss Removal


    Moss grows when corrosion occurs on the top protective layer. It increases its porousness, hence creating damp conditions that facilitate the growth of moss on the rooftops. If no action is taken, the moss weakens the roof, eventually leading to leakages in the ceiling.

    The moss causes roof decolourization and this makes the roofs less attractive. The moss grows and becomes ugly, gives your house an apocalyptic look.

    Moss grows and exerts extra pressure on the roof and tiles hence leading to breakages and eventual collapse.

    The moss causes blockages in drainpipes and gutters. the moss grows in the drains and contaminates rainwater and blocks the drainage and gutters.

    It reduces the roofs’ lifespan, which will make the owner incur higher roof replacement costs. The moss causes rots which later on turn into leakages.


     Our Moss Removal Criteria


    The whole process is done in simple steps to ensure we give you the best of services. The first step is to spray your roof with a fungicide to ensure moss and other growth on the roof are eliminated. The roof cleaning process will then commence. The roof is cleaned and all dirt, growth, and pollutants removed by using high-quality cleaning equipment, giving the house a brand-new look it so much deserves!

    Once the roof has been cleaned, it is treated by ‘clear moss pro’, a strong and effective biocide that works by impregnating the tiles of the roof and stops moss’s growth. Its unique blend of growth inhibitors ensures moss does not grow again for a long time after cleaning has been done.

    Water and dampness form the basis on which the moss grows. To avoid growth, we have a protective roof sealer that makes the roof tiles waterproof; hence, they cannot be porous and damp; thus, no moss growth can occur. The sealer also prevents the accumulation of dirt and also the blockage of gutters and drainages.

    The tiles can be painted with a special-coloured roof coating with long-term results at the owner’s request. The durable roof coating makes the roof more appealing to look at and, at the same time, makes the tiles water-resistant and protects them from ultraviolet light.


    Roof Coating Peterborough


    Having your roof cleaned is only the beginning. Until that roof is coated with a particular coat, the task is not complete. The roof is an outdoor structure, making it more vulnerable to the elements hence susceptible to eventual wear and tear. It is advised that the roof be coated to increase the life span of the roof.

    The roof coat also allows the roof to ‘breathe,’ facilitating moisture removal from the roof. These coatings come in a wide variety of colours giving you several options to choose from.


    Why Is It Necessary That You Coat Your Roof


    Dirty roofs are disgusting to look at and often paint a bad picture, giving your house a wrong impression. Roof coatings, however, breathe in new life to otherwise old roofs, making them look more vibrant and newer. This makes them more appealing to look at.

    Coating a roof plays a significant role in the extension of the lifespan of the roof. If a roof is coated, it will often be more durable and, consequently, last longer to save on repair and maintenance costs.

    Coated roofs also add value to the property, make the house look posher and buyers are willing to pay more for a neat home than a gruesome one. Roof coating makes real estate property more profitable as it gives the customers an excellent first impression.

    The roof coat prevents the growth of moss and lichens on the roof. This comes in handy as the moss and lichens make the roof dumb, eventually blocking the gutters and drains.

    The special coating, which is solvent-free, makes the roofs weather resistant making them tough and resilient. Such roofs do not crack or peel even at the worst exposure to the elements like rain, dust and heat.

    The roof coating creates a breathable layer that maximizes protection on both asbestos cement and concrete structures and surfaces.


    Types of Roof Coatings


    Roof coatings are available in a range of varieties for you to choose from. Your choice of roof coating will depend on the coating’s material composition and its purpose. The following are some of the roof coating types we offer Roof coating Peterborough.


    Acrylic Coatings


    Acrylic coatings are made of acrylic material that gives your roof protection against radiation and damage by rainfall, and other elements can also serve as temperature regulators. They can be used on several types of roofs and be applied in one coat or more. They should be applied in warm weather and low humidity for optimum curing.

    This type of coatings is cheaper and gives your house reflectivity. The application of the acrylic coating is relatively more straightforward, although weather-dependent. Recently, acrylic coatings are available with instant-set materials to reduce the cure time in cases of extreme weather conditions.


    Silicone Coatings


    These coatings are made of silicone which is a highly elastic material that gives any surface excellent adhesion. It shields a roof from the elements for extended periods while retaining its flexible nature without becoming hard.

    One of the significant advantages of silicone over other coating techniques is its ability to withstand ponding water. It also gives ultraviolet protection as well as temperature regulation.


    Asphalt Coatings


    These types of coatings are available in emulsion and solvent-based forms.


    Patio Cleaning Peterborough


    Patios require regular maintenance lest unwanted weeds such as mosses, Lichen and Algae will start growing and take away the beauty of the place. Algae growth makes a patio slippery hence dangerous. Our professional patio cleaning services will restore the spark of your deck. We can also eradicate further regrowth of weeds by treating them during pressure washing.

    Value enhancement is one of the benefits of cleaning your patio. A clean deck enhances the attractiveness of your property and makes it easier to market. Conversely, a driveway that is not clean and well maintained gives your property a tired and rugged look that might significantly devalue your property.


    Why Use Our Professional Patio Cleaning Services


    Sophisticated Equipment


    We have invested in the latest equipment available. Patio cleaning requires the use of advanced equipment that may not be readily available to most individuals. Most of the available DIY kits in the market cannot clean complex surfaces like professional-grade equipment.


    Permanent Weed Eradication


    Mosses, Algae and other weeds can sprout from any cracks on your patio and cause extensive damage. They may cause further cracks where they grow or even stain your deck. Therefore, professional patio cleaning services are necessary to permanently eradicate the weed by occasionally applying a weed killer to inhibit robust regrowth.


    Enhances Your Patio’s Lifespan


    Exposure to the elements such as acidic rain and algae erodes your patio gradually overtime. Cleaning it by pressure washing or jet washing removes all the growth hence improving the patio’s lifespan.




    Algae and griminess make your patio slippery, making it a potential hazard as people, especially children, might slip and fall. Professional patio cleaning services eradicate this risk, permanently restoring the safety of your patio.


    Methods of Patio Cleaning


    Patios require attention when cleaning them. Regulating pressure to avoid tearing the material your patio is made of. At Patio Cleaning Peterborough, we use pressure washing machines for patio cleaning.


    Pressure Washing/Jet Washing


    This technique entails blasting the patio surface with water at high pressure to remove the accumulated dirt. It employs the use of equipment such as pressure washing machines, which only need water and power. It is a simple technique with long results if done well.

    We begin with scouting the area, and after ensuring the availability of water and power, we will clear out the patio and start the pressure washing process. To prevent the regrowth of the weeds, we will apply a treatment, preferably biocide.


    Benefits of Pressure Washing


    It is not labour intensive; Unlike manual cleaning, pressure washing uses technology. One needs a person to operate the pressure washer. Pressure washing is relatively fast compared to other methods like manual washing. The use of machine technology makes it quick and efficient.

    It safeguards the health and well-being of your household. Moss and Algae build-up can invite bacteria and other lethal germs. Cleaning eradicates these pathogens making your home safer.

    It is friendly to the environment. Pressure washing relies solely on the velocity of water to remove dirt from your patio. Therefore, there is no involvement in harmful chemicals and detergents.


    Driveway Cleaning Peterborough


    Driveways are conspicuous and a vital part of your property. People visiting your property are likely to derive their first impression from how your driveway looks. Driveways are exposed to heavy rains and winds, hence subject to robust wear and tear.

    Engine oils and grease can also leave ugly stains on your driveway, making it grimy and rugged. Constant maintenance is recommended to keep your driveway in check and avoid extra maintenance costs that may arise if the driveway is neglected.


    Benefits of Professional Driveway Cleaning


    • Appearance enhancement of your home since the driveway is one of the first things people notice on your property
    • It is cost-effective; Our team is equipped with sophisticated equipment that will be too expensive to purchase for personal use
    • The technology and experience of our professionals make the process easier and quicker.
    • Long-lasting weed removal
    • It improves the lifespan of your driveway


    Types of Driveway Cleaning Services


    Tarmac Cleaning


    The process we will use to clean your driveway depends on its condition. It involves the application of weed-killing chemicals and biocide on the driveway days in advance. The substances will start killing the weeds before we come and scrub them off thoroughly.

    The main clean follows; this is more thorough and involves using a surface cleaner on medium to low pressure. The second application of biocide is then done. This is meant to prevent the moss and weeds from sprouting again. It does so by killing any roots that might have been left during the first round.

    After cleaning, it is advisable to seal your tarmac to improve its look and cover up any stains. Sealing prevents further deterioration of your tarmac and increases its lifespan.


    Imprinted Concrete Cleaning


    Despite their relatively cheap maintenance costs, imprinted concrete driveways require constant maintenance to keep them in good shape. Failure to occasionally clean these types of driveways can give them a faded outlook. The disintegration of the chips can also make them slippery hence dangerous to walk on.

    We use a soft wash solution to clean driveways made of imprinted concrete. We first let the pre-treatment solution sip in to expose any embedded stains and brush the surface. A flat surface cleaner on low pressure follows in the process.

    After rinsing, the driveway is left to dry then biocide is applied to prevent weeds and mosses and algae. Additionally, we seal concrete imprinted driveways to improve the outlook or add a top-up coating. Sealing also helps close up any cracks on the driveway to prevent them from worsening hence saving high maintenance costs.


    Block Paving Cleaning


    Driveways laid with block paving are easily affected by grime, stained deposits, and weeds like lichen and black spots. This can make your driveway lose its beauty and have a rugged look. Pressure washing can eradicate all the dirt build-up and give your driveway a brand new look.


    Decking Cleaning


    If your driveway is made of wood, its cleaning approach will be slightly different. A wood cleaning solution is applied hours in advance and left to soak to clear a deep blemish. After the place is dried, the biocide is applied and left to soak in to kill any weed spores that might have remained.


    Wall coating Peterborough


    The house walls always make a statement about the person who lives therein. It is you to choose what kind of statement you would want to make. With a wide array of options to choose from, it is easier to customize your house into that perfect home you’ve always wanted.

    We provide the coats you need to make your house more appealing to the eye and protect the walls from abrasion and dampness, which eventually spoil the walls. Wall coating is critical in wall restoration.


    Types of Wall Coatings


    Advanced Textured Coating


    This coating type is a state-of-the-art coating system that does away with frequent repainting as it is a long-lasting coat. This type of wall coating is the best for the exterior walls and other exposed concrete surfaces.


    Premium Smooth Coating


    This is a smooth, outstanding coating paint that is available for instant use on any property. In addition to its effectiveness, it comes in 12 shades of colours, giving you many options to choose from.


    Pro Clear Coating


    This type of coating absorbs and seeps into the walls and the exterior construction surfaces, chemically bonding and produce a high-quality waterproof lining. This protects your walls from water damage.


    Why Should You Coat Your Walls?


    Improves Aesthetics


    The wall coating process is an important one and helps revitalize otherwise bad-looking walls. It breathes new life into the walls and makes them look more appealing.



    Wall coating also plays an essential role in increasing the life span of the walls. This coat makes the walls durable and more rigid because moisture is expelled from the walls. Thus, points of weakness are eliminated.

    Mold, Moss and Bacteria Elimination


    As a fungicide and algae bacterial wash is applied before the walls are coated, there is a surety that no growth will occur on the walls; hence they will maintain their original form. The coatings also are resistant to mould formation, preventing the build-up of unsightly and ugly walls.




    Wall coating is cost-effective as it does away with the extra costs of having to paint your walls now and then because the elements of weather have beaten them. It makes you save money as good wall coats can last over 15 years.




    The wall coating helps keep moisture away. The unique design of the coat allows moisture to escape from within the walls. This distinctive property makes wall coating stand out in the wall protective department.


    Cover Imperfections and Irregularities


    Some cracks and crevices are covered when the coat is applied, giving the wall a sharp look and finish.


    Enhance Profit in Real Estate


    Wall coatings make walls appear posh, gaining a higher market value than the uncoated walls. It is instrumental in increasing your bargaining power and reducing the customers’ bargaining ability.




    Spray applied wall coatings act as insulators by cutting out wind chill, wall dampness and draughty wind. It helps save bills used on electricity for house warming and heaters.



    Take A Look At The List Below, We Cover ALL Of Cambridgeshire & Buckinghamshire As Well As A Few Places Just Outside The Boundaries. Do You Live Near Any Of These?


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    Kettering, Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal Luton, Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal Milton Keynes, Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal
    Bury Saint Edmunds, Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal Spalding, Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal Kings Lynn, Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal Hertford, Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal Dunstable, Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal Northampton.

    Your roof will look immaculate for a minimum of 10 years

    Guaranteed 10 Years Protection

    Roof and Driveway Cleaning offers a 10-year product guarantee on our roof coating service. 

    This guarantee is to give quality assurance to our customers that our roof coating service is long-lasting and won’t peel, blister or flake away from the roof tiles. 

    The roof tile coatings mechanically bond to the tile surface, restabilising and strengthening them at the same time. 

    If you have a property in Buckinghamshire or Cambridgeshire, we are available to provide a free quotation for your home or commercial buildings roof moss removal.

    More Services for Your Home in Buckinghamshire Or Cambridgeshire

    Our core business since 1995 has always been roof tile restoration. By demand and natural development in Buckinghamshire and Cambridgeshire, we are also equipped to carry out the various services listed below.
    • driveway cleaning & sealing
    • patio cleaning & sealing
    • external wall cleaning & sealing
    • block paving cleaning and sealing
    • imprinted concrete cleaning & sealing

    Buckinghamshire Or Cambridgeshire Homeowners: Claim Your 25% Discount If You Are Our First Job In Your Road!

    If you are considering removing the moss from your roof tiles, then this is worth checking out: Claim your 25% discount if you are our first-ever job on your road. 

    This genuine discount is applicable not only for roof or driveway cleaning but also to our entire range of services. 

    Why are we giving this discount? Because we save a lot of money from marketing expenses. 

    You see, when you hire our team of roof cleaning specialists, we usually attract your neighbours attention as well, which gives us the perfect opportunity to promote our services to them. 

    As a way to thank you for using your home as a stage for our project, we are willing to extend to you a considerable price reduction. 

    So pop your details in the form below and we’ll let you know by return if you’re the first!

    Roof Cleaning In Buckinghamshire & Cambridgeshire - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Here are the signs that it is time to hire a professional roof cleaner: 

    Dull Colour 

    Can you still recognise the original colour of your roof? If all you see is dull grey or black, then chances are your roof is filled with dirt and grime. 

    This ‘tired’ look can be really uninviting and significantly reduces your home’s kerb appeal. 

    Moss and Algae 

    Moss and algae grows fast on roofs, especially if you are living in an area with an abundance of trees and other foliage.

    Aside from looking unsightly, moss, overtime, “eats” away at the roof tiles and shortens their useful lifespan. 

    Moss-infested tiles absorb water on the roof surface and especially in the winter, the freeze and thaw cycle of the frost can split the tiles. It will certainly weaken them. 

    Clogged Guttering and Downpipes 

    For most of us as long as the rainwater is leaving the roof and not overflowing anywhere, then the roof is deemed to be ok. We have been asked time and time again to clean and apply the protective roof tile coatings to properties that have experienced an ingress of water inside their home due to the guttering and/or downpipes being clogged up with moss.

    This is not something that a householder is going to check too often. Most people realise there’s a problem somewhere when damp patches appear on the inside walls. In many cases, but not all, it manifested in the blocked  guttering and/or downpipes.

    There are a lot of factors to consider in getting the actual cost of roof cleaning and coating. 

    Normally, a roof cleaning company will send an inspection team to visit your home to take a look at the situation of your roof and explain to you the reason behind the cost. 

    For example, roof cleaners take into account the size and condition of your roof. 

    If your roof hasn’t been cleaned for 10 years and you have a large roof area, then certainly the cost will be higher compared to a smaller  home with much newer roof tiles. 

    Moreover, if your roof is heavily infested with moss and algae, then the company needs to take into account the time it will take to get rid of this. Naturally, manual scraping takes more time than power washing. 

    The best way to get the cost of roof cleaning for your home in Buckinghamshire is to request a free informative quotation from an established roof and driveway cleaning company. 

    Ideally, you need to choose a company that has been in the business for many years and who has an established  operation in Buckinghamshire or Cambridgeshire. 

    It is best to avoid “part-timers” or hobbyists who will offer to clean your roof at an incredibly low price but cannot guarantee their work. 

    Roof & Driveway Cleaning UK cover a huge part of the UK and apart from wanting to maintain a good reputation for their work, like so many other Counties in the UK, the housing stock in various suburbs, tends to be of a similar construction with particular roof profiles.

    Professional roof cleaning is a skill and over the years our “modus operandi” has become sharper and very efficient. Local knowledge and repetitive tile types to be cleaned and protected, can only be a good thing for the homeowner. 

    As much as possible, get a free quotation from a company before signing any work request. Avoid any company or individual who asks you to pay upfront for just inspecting your roof.  

    No. While professional roof cleaning can improve the aesthetics of your home, it is not the sole purpose of the job. 

    More than the facelift and kerb appeal, roof cleaning is crucial to protect the structural integrity of your roof. 

    Moss, grime, lichens, and algae can gradually wear and tear the roof tiles that can cause damages and roof leaks. 

    Therefore, it is imperative to clean the whole roof and not only the visible areas. 

    Need more information or advice?

    Call us on either 01908 015495 or 01223 981 455 Alternatively, pop your details in the form below to send us a message.


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