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So you’re considering having the moss removed from your roof tiles?

Before you contact us to arrange your free quote for roof cleaning, be sure to open the roof-configurator tab so that when we’re talking with you about stopping the moss reappearing for a guaranteed 10 year period – you’ll have a better understanding of how we do that.

You’ll begin to realise that in addition to extending the life of your roof-tiles by restabilising the surface (strengthening) but you now have the opportunity to give your home a total facelift.

When we’re chatting, ask us as many questions as you like, including the price ( although a site visit is actually the best and most accurate way to provide you with your quotation.)

Before you call, have a good look around this page as the information has been produced from our experiences since 1995.

And when we do come out to see you, it’s all business – no waffle and definitely no hard-sale tactics. Just really good information and a competitive price.

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We can eliminate moss, algae and lichen growth from your roof tiles, using our proven, tried and specialised methods,  before they begin to cause unexpected and potentially expensive and damaging problems.

In addition to the cleaning and roof moss removal from the tiles, we also offer a service where either clear or colour-pigmented water-proofing , protective coatings are spray-applied to the roof tiles after the cleaning process.

This will guarantee you a moss free roof for a 10 year period.  Click here for further information about the process and also check out how our most popular colours, change the appearance of a house.

Click the frames below and watch, step by step, how we clean the moss, algae and lichen from your roof tiles, make repairs where necessary and then apply a fungicidal wash.

You’ll also see how we apply the clear or coloured protective coatings if you’re looking to banish the moss, lichen and algae from your clean roof tiles for a guaranteed 10 years and transform your home’s appearance.

Free roof cleaning quotation

    We are the original roof cleaning and roof tile sealing Company in the UK.

    Since 1995, we have been cleaning roof tiles, removing moss from roof tiles and applying clear or coloured roof tile protective sealants to banish moss and extend the life of roof tiles – and we’re very. very good at it.

    Fully insured.


    March 2022

    ***UPDATE*** Just recently, we have been getting an increase in roof cleaning enquiries from homeowners who were advised by the surveyor who prepared the report for their house purchase, to have the moss removed from the roof-tiles. ***UPDATE***

    Finally, the surveyors are including this on some of their reports!

    We’ve been advising it since 1995!

    Contact us to arrange a quotation for yourself.

    Roof Tile Moss Cleaning – Winter & Wet Weather.

    Winter and rainy days are the mosses favourite times!

    This is when they get to drink!

    However, winter brings with it freezing temperatures and frosty conditions.

    The moss on your roof tiles absorbs and holds on to the moisture, it can hold a lot of moisture as well!

    The downside for you though is the moss expands and contracts with the daily temperature variations – over time this action defaces your tile’s surface,

    The protective coating that the tile had when it was new, has long gone (that’s why the moss has moved in)

    Moss gets a lot of bad press when guttering and downpipes get blocked – it’s well known for doing this.

    A-view-of-large-moss-growing-on-a-water-gutter-of-an-old-abandoned-house.jpgIt’s less well known for causing fractures and cracks in roof tiles – that’s because when a leak appears inside the house or a damp patch on an inside wall, the moss is hardly ever considered as the cause.

    Ask a damp surveyor! We are sent to clean and spray protective coatings on so many roofs as a direct referral from damp surveying companies.

    Click this link and discover how you can eradicate the moss from your roof tiles for years to come!<p>


    Re-Colour Your Roof Tiles To Match Your Homes Exterior Look

    Roof Moss Removal Kent

    Moss can start to grow even on newly placed tiles. Not only could moss growth affect the aesthetic appearance of your home, but it could also cause structural damage to your roof. 

    The outgrowth also serves as a magnet for birds that may use your roof as a nesting ground. This could further lead to water damage caused by pecking at your roof, in particular the pointing. 

    Roof and Driveway Cleaning Kent eliminate moss growth by their proven, tried and tested methods before they become too much of a problem. 

    Our teams offer a comprehensive treatment of roof tiles that will absolutely transform a home or a commercial building’s aesthetics and at the same time, improve its integrity.

    We will restore your roof tiles to a “good as new” condition.

    Kent – a county of two halves. A brief history.

    The name Kent derives from the ancient Celtic tribe who inhabited South East England from the Thames to the south coast. Their lands included modern Kent plus parts of Surrey, Sussex and Greater London. The Roman’s called the people the Cantii or Cantiaci and the county Cantium. Julius Caesar wrote in his account of his military campaigns in northern Europe, Gallic Wars, that the people of Cantium were the most civilized of the Celtic tribes.

    Referenced from: My Kent FHS

    Read more here:

    9 Interesting facts you never knew about Kent

    Kent, famously known as ‘The Garden of England’, is England’s oldest county and is enriched with an abundance of fascinating history.

    1. Kent is the proud supplier of Wimbledon’s famed strawberries

      Ever been watching Wimbledon and suddenly find yourself craving a bowl of fresh strawberries (accompanied by some double cream, of course)? Kent is the proud supplier of Wimbledon’s perfectly formed strawberries – each red juicy berry must measure between 25mm-45mm in diameter, be fully red all over and without the slightest hint of a defect.

    2. The oldest known horse fossil was found in Herne Bay

      No, we’re not horsing around! The fossil of the world’s earliest known horse, dating back an amazing 54 million years ago, was rediscovered in Herne Bay last year. It was originally found in the cliffs at Studd Hill in 1838 and since then was much forgotten about, until it was rediscovered by Alan Porter, trustee of The Seaside Museum. He claims that this has now given Herne Bay ‘world recognition’ and is allowing Herne Bay to officially be considered as the birthplace of the horse.

    3. Fordwich is the smallest town in Britain

      Going by the well-known saying ‘good things come in small packages’, Fordwich must be incredible, being the smallest town – population wise – in Britain. According to the 2011 census, it has a population of 381 people and rose by just 30 people between 2001 and 2011. And if there’s any question, there’s a sign as soon as you enter the town to confirm.

    4. The first white road lines were painted in Ashford

      The very first ‘white line’ road markings were painted on a number of dangerous bends on the London to Folkestone road in Ashford in 1914. During the 1920s the rise of road markings increased dramatically on UK roads.

    5. The famous gypsy tart came from the Isle of Sheppey

      We’ve all heard of the gypsy tart, but did you know that it originated from the Isle of Sheppey? Made with muscovado sugar and evaporated milk, it is extremely sweet, and is often served with crème fraiche or yoghurt to balance out the sweetness. So the story goes, it was created by a woman who wanted to offer food to undernourished gypsy children playing by her home.

    6. Pocahontas was buried in Gravesend

      Native American princess, Pocahontas, was famous for saving English Captain John Smith’s life in Virginia. She married colonist John Rolfe and they went on to have a child together, Thomas, in 1615. Pocahontas and Rolfe boarded a ship to return to Virginia in 1617; the ship had only sailed as far as Gravesend when she became incredibly ill and died on board, later being buried in Gravesend. The actual whereabouts of her grave were lost as St George’s church, in which her grave was under, was destroyed in a fire in 1727.

    7. Laurel and Hardy opened The Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway

      Comedy double act, Laurel and Hardy, opened the famous Kent tourist attraction: The Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway, back in 1947. Despite the heavy rain, the stars were welcomed by large crowds who were charmed by their slapstick-style comedy. The line showcases some of Kent’s most breath-taking scenery including the picturesque Cinque Port of Hythe which continues along to the lighthouses and fishermen’s cottages at Dungeness.

    8. The first speeding fine was handed out in East Peckham

      If someone were to tell you they got a speeding ticket, how fast would you think they were going? Well, I bet it’s not 8mph – yes, that’s right – just 8 miles per hour. In 1886, Walter Arnold got caught speeding and consequently slapped with a fine. The speedy troublemaker was travelling at four times the legal limit of 2mph. A policeman was forced to pedal at his fastest on his bicycle to catch Arnold, and punished him with a one shilling fine – making Arnold the first person ever to be convicted of speeding in the UK.

    9. Sevenoaks has eight oak trees

      There are few places of interest in Kent as famous as Sevenoaks. As many people know, the town was named after seven oak trees which were on the Vine around AD 800. Since then, the trees have been replaced several times, and during the Great Storm of 1987 six of those trees were blown down completely. Their replacements were planted in a ceremony involving Gloria Hunniford and Blue Peter celebrities, but were sadly vandalised, leaving one mature tree standing. The trees have been replaced and now eight oak trees of varying ages line the Vine.


    Your roof will look immaculate for a minimum of 10 years

    Guaranteed 10 Years Protection

    We have been cleaning roofs in Kent for 25+ years, and we know that a roof that is just cleaned will have to be cleaned again, 3 to 5 years later! 

    This is due to the fact that moss and algae starts to take a hold again and ends up in your guttering. 

    To expand the life of your roof, we always spray-applied our protective roof tile coatings after cleaning the roof tiles and removing the moss from them.

    After our work is done, your roof will look immaculate for a minimum of 10 years. 

    The roof-tile coatings that we use have been scientifically designed and have powerful moss inhibitors blended into them.

    Not only can you change the look of your home by choosing one of the many colour pigmented, (or clear) coatings available, you’ll also enjoy moss and grit free guttering and down-pipes as the rainwater will “bead” and run off into your clean and  free-flowing guttering!

    More Services for Your Home in Kent

    While roof tile restoration remains our number one business in terms of volume, we have also offer the following services:
    • driveway cleaning & sealing
    • patio cleaning & sealing
    • external wall cleaning & sealing
    • block paving cleaning and sealing
    • imprinted concrete cleaning & sealing

    Kent Homeowners: Get 25% Discount If You Are Our First Job In Your Road!

    We are always excited about cleaning our first home on a road, because it attracts a lot of attention in the neighbourhood. 

    After we are done and people see the effects of our job, we normally land 2 or 3 more contracts in the area. 

    This saves us a lot of money from marketing costs and so we can pass on the savings to the first job on the road. 

    This huge discount applies to the whole range of our services. 

    Click the Get Quote button below and let’s see if you’re the first in your road and eligible for 25% off. 

    Roof Cleaning Kent Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Many professional roof cleaners in Kent use pressure washers to thoroughly clean the dirt and get rid of moss on roof tiles.

    However, it takes experience and training to properly and safely use a pressure washer for cleaning roof tiles and it’s dangerous working at height.

    For example, too much pressure can damage specific types of roof, especially older tiles. So it is ideal to hire a professional cleaner instead of doing this on your own or worse, hiring “”part-timers”.

    After cleaning, a protective colour-pigmented or a clear coating should be added to prevent moss growth again (at least for another 10 years). 

    Because all roofs are not made equal, there’s no definite price point for roof cleaning. 

    Once you call a roof cleaning company, an inspection team will visit your home in Kent to assess the situation and look into different factors. 

    One important factor to consider is the size and condition of your roof. If your roof has huge growth of moss and algae, then the cleaner needs to calculate the time it will take the team to remove it. 

    Professional cleaners will also determine if repairs are needed and if safety equipment is needed for the job. 

    Some roof tiles are a lot more challenging to clean, so that’s another factor to consider. 

    Moreover, your service team will take into account if the roof requires manual scraping or power washed.

    The best way to obtain a cost estimate of roof cleaning for your home in Kent is to request a free quotation from a reputable roof and driveway cleaning. 

    Tile roof cleaning refers to manual scraping and/or power washing roof tiles to get rid of moss, algae, lichen, and other dirt debris that are damaging the structural integrity of your roof. 

    Moss and algae grow rapidly on wet roofs, which tend to expose it to the adverse effects of the freeze/thaw cycle during winter. 

    Huge growth of moss on your roof will expand the tiles as they absorb more water from snow, frost and rain.

    This usually ends up in the cracking and splitting of concrete and clay roof tiles. 

    That’s why any sighting of moss on your roof should be dealt with quickly, ideally with a professional roof cleaner in Kent.  

    While roof cleaning is satisfying to watch and seems easy to do from afar, this job should be entrusted to professionals. 

    In fact, you should avoid cleaning your own roof to avoid any serious accidents. Falls from height account for 28% of all worker deaths in the UK and these are experienced professionals. 

    Roof tiles are extra slippery when infested by moss or algae, so you need to use safety equipment, which is expensive. 

    It will save you a lot (and you don’t need to risk your safety)  if you just use a professional roof cleaning company.

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