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Click the coloured buttons and watch the roof change colour.

Moss Removal From Roof..


Click the frames below and watch, step by step, how we clean the moss, algae and lichen from your roof tiles, make repairs where necessary and then apply a fungicidal wash.

You’ll also see how we apply the clear or coloured protective coatings if you’re looking to banish the moss, lichen and algae from your clean roof tiles for a guaranteed 10 years and transform your home’s appearance.

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Tile Red

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Germany is well known for its innovation, performance technologies and high quality products. RENOTEC® is the leading roof coating and is manufactured in Germany. It has been engineered to protect roof tiles from the effects of weather degradation caused by rain, frost, snow and sun.


Renotec extends the lifespan of roof tiles.
• Improves the appearance of roofs and therefore the property.
• Could help to increase the property value – certainly the perceived value is increased.
• Rebuilds the original surface protection.
• Fast installation.
• Great savings – a much cheaper alternative to re-roofing.
• Real alternative to costly and wasteful total roof replacement.


RENOTEC® does not tear. It remains flexible, is colour stable and and protects your tiles for more than 10 years.
DIN EN ISO 53054 – Tensile strength.
DIN EN ISO 7783-2 – Water vapour permeability.
DIN EN ISO 1062/3 – Water impermeability.
DIN EN ISO 4624 – Pull-off test for adhesion.


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