Looking for professional roof cleaning & coating in Surrey?

Roof and Driveway Cleaning UK can remove the moss on your roof. But unlike other “amateur roof cleaners” we also take extra steps to protect your roof to prevent them from cracking, delamination, and breaking. 

Restore the Beauty of Your Roof Tiles

Thanks to its temperate climate, Surrey is the most wooded County in the UK. It is famous for its scenic green views and landscape. 

But on the other side of the coin, Surrey’s climate makes it easy for unwanted vegetation such as lichens, algae and moss,  to grow on roof tiles and exterior walls

Fast Roof Moss Removal Surrey

You may think that moss is harmless or even pretty for your home. Sure you might have seen some paintings of old English homes covered with mossy roofs and you think that is charming. 

But far from the quaint picture, a roof that is infested with moss can take over your roof and damage the structural integrity of your home. 

Roof and Driveway Cleaning UK can remove the moss on your roof. But unlike other “amateur roof cleaners” we also take extra steps to protect your roof to prevent them from cracking, delamination, and breaking. 

Our service teams are ready 24/7 to respond to your query regarding roof moss removal and roof cleaning in Surrey. 

Your roof will look immaculate for a minimum of 10 years

Guaranteed 10 Years Protection

We are proud to say that Roof and Driveway Cleaning UK was the first roof cleaning company in the UK to offer a 10-year product guarantee on our roof coating service. 

We dare to extend this quality assurance to our customers because we have been 25 years in the business and we are certain that our roof coatings are long-lasting and won’t peel, blister or flake away from your roof tiles.

Our roof coating has been scientifically proven to resist all presence of moss on your roof so you don’t need to get them cleaned for the next 10 years or more. 

If you live in Surrey, we can arrange for one of  our inspection teams to provide you a free and informative quotation.

More Services for Your Home in Surrey

While Surrey homeowners usually hire us for roof tile restoration, our service teams are also capable of providing the following services for both residential and commercial buildings:
  • driveway cleaning & sealing
  • patio cleaning & sealing
  • external wall cleaning & sealing
  • block paving cleaning and sealing
  • imprinted concrete cleaning & sealing

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You can use this discount not only for roof or driveway cleaning but also to our whole range of services. 

Why this discount, you ask? 

You see, after we are done and people see the effects of our job, we normally land 2 or 3 more contracts in the area. 

This saves us a lot of money from marketing costs and so we can pass on the savings to the first job on the road. 

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Roof Cleaning Surrey Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Compared to London, roof cleaning in Surrey is generally more affordable. 

However, you should take note that there are several factors that a roof cleaning company should consider in providing you the actual cost of roof cleaning. 

To calculate the cost, an inspection team will visit your home to look at the condition of your roof. This is a good opportunity to ask about the factors affecting the roof cleaning quote. 

One factor that is always taken into account is the condition and the size of your roof. 

A 2-bedroom home with roof tiles installed in the last five years is generally cheaper compared to a much larger, detached property with roof tiles that haven’t been cleaned for 10 years or more. 

In addition, if your roof has heavy growth of moss and algae, then the roof cleaning company will calculate the time it will take them to eliminate the dirt. Manual scraping takes more time compared to power washing. 

The best way to obtain the cost of roof cleaning for your home in Surrey is to request a free informative quotation from a reputable roof and driveway cleaning company. 

The most common chemicals used for cleaning roofs include bleach or sodium percarbonate solution. We do not use any of these – these are for the DIY brigade! 

However, this is risky because it may cause damage to the roof and to your health if you fail to prepare the right solution. 

Therefore, it’s best to hire a professional cleaning company to do the job. 

Even then, you should choose to hire a company who uses environmentally-safe cleaning products that are effective and safe. We certainly do.

Before you even begin cleaning your roof, you should climb up to assess the condition. You need to know what kind of outgrowths are present in your roof such as moss, algae or lichen. 

Then you need to see if your guttering is clogged with moss, leaves and twigs. 

If you think you can do the job yourself, then you have to purchase tools such as power cleaners and manual scrapers. 

You also need to buy chemicals and prepare the solution yourself.

And don’t forget to buy a safety harness to make sure that you will be safe while cleaning a slippery roof. 

Prepare to spend at least 3 whole days from sun up to sun down, because roof cleaning is not an easy job. 

Doing the job yourself will cost you hundreds of pounds, and this doesn’t include the time you’ll be spending on preparations, shopping for tools and chemicals, actual cleaning, then tidying up. 

Why spend so much time and money if you can just entrust the job to professionals? 

It is time to clean your roof if you see the following signs: 

Obvious Moss Infestation 

Moss grow fast on roofs, especially if you are residing in a temperate climate like Surrey, with its abundance of trees and other foliage. 

Aside from looking tired and neglected, moss, overtime, will “eat away” at the the roof tiles and shorten their useful lifespan. 

Moss infested tiles absorb water on the roof tiles surface. The freeze and thaw cycle of winter, will eventually start to weaken the tiles and will quite possibly fracture and split them.

Tired Look 

Can you still recognise the original colour of your roof? If all you see is dull grey or black, then chances are your roof is filled with moss, dirt and grime. 

This ‘tired’ look can be really uninviting and significantly reduces your home’s kerb appeal. 

Too many leaves and moss 

Clogged gutters are the most common cause of water ingress into a home. The first you will be aware of it, is quite possibly damp patches appearing on your interior walls.

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