Common Concrete Driveway Cleaning and Sealing Mistakes to Avoid

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Common Concrete Driveway Cleaning and Sealing Mistakes to Avoid

Making certain driveway cleaning and sealing mistakes can result in costly repairs and reduce the life of your concrete driveway. These mistakes are usually made by people who choose to do this task on their own instead of hiring professionals and sometimes, people who claim to be professionals may also make some of these mistakes.
If you love doing it yourself so much, then you need to know these driveway cleaning and sealing mistakes to avoid so that your hard work is rewarded with a durable concrete driveway that lasts as long as 25 years. Here is what you need to avoid:

Applying Sealant too Quickly

​After pouring the concrete driveway, it is necessary to wait for the concrete to cure. A common question asked by DIYs is how long to wait before applying the sealant on a driveway. The recommended period would be about a month. Waiting a month allows new concrete to dry properly and for it to harden. This will prevent cracks from forming and ensure all the excess moisture evaporates before the sealant can be put. The best option would be to have experienced professionals inspect the driveway to give the green light to seal the driveway.

Not Cleaning the Driveway Before Applying Sealant

As the concrete dries, a lot of dirt and debris may settle on the surface, it would be a big mistake to go ahead and apply sealant without removing this. Debris and dirt can cause the concrete to crack and can create un slightly lumps if they are sealed inside. The surface needs to be cleaned to prepare the driveway for sealing and after cleaning, it should be allowed to dry again. This could take 24 hours but sometimes it may take longer if the weather is not good.

Using a Power Washer

This is a common problem during maintenance of the driveway. It seems very easy to just get a power washer and sweep away dirt and debris fast and effectively. The problem though is that the sealant too can be washed away with constant use of a power washer. When the sealant is washed off, the concrete is left at the mercy of different solutions that may get into direct contact with it. Driveways that are power washed usually end up needing repair much faster

Not Taking the Right Care of the Driveway

It is common to imagine that the sealant applied to the driveway will protect the surface well enough so there is no need for cleaning and other maintenance. This can become a costly mistake. Never neglect periodic maintenance. This includes regularly sweeping and washing off dirt and debris. An ordinary garden hose can be used to wash the driveway. Also, depending on the type of sealant used, you may need to redo the sealing. This can be done after a year or two.

Parting Tip

You may be better off letting professionals take care of the driveway so you can avoid mistakes. These are just common mistakes, but there are others that homeowners may make as they try to do this on their own.